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A series of the most common questions are answered below.

  • It is all natural, made with 100% fresh Canadian Skim Milk. No powdered milk or additives have been used in the process. The thickness occurs naturally from the traditional straining process, you can taste the difference.

  • All flavours of Krinos Real Greek Yogurt are gluten free.

  • You can rest assured knowing that you are eating the highest quality all natural product - one that provides an excellent source of lean protein - twice as much from regular yogurt, 0% fat, low carbohydrates and still manages to taste great.

  • Absolutely! Some of the world’s best chefs swear by it. Greek Yogurt is a preferred ingredient in cooking because of the way it is has been strained. This means it can be heated at high temperatures and will stay together and not separate. It makes an excellent replacement ingredient for mayonnaise or sour cream. Check our recipe section for meal ideas.

  • 0% Greek Yogurt goes through a thorough straining process during which the whey is removed, giving it a thick and creamy texture. Rather than artificially enhancing the density of our product using thickening agents (i.e. pectin), our yogurt gets its thickness strictly from the traditional whey straining process.

  • Krinos Greek Yogurt is made in St. Marys, Ontario. It is a BRC certified facility with European equipment that has a full HEPA filtration system, producing a natural clean product with a good shelf life.

  • Krinos Greek Yogurt is available at many retailers across the country and is expanding its distribution every day. Contact a Krinos customer service to locate it's available near your location.

  • No additives or preservatives are used when making our yogurt. As a result, Krinos Real Greek Yogurt is an all natural product.

  • Most of the sugar shown on the nutritional label comes naturally from the fruits we use, a small portion is added to enhance the flavour of our all natural fruit. For an option with no added sugar you can choose our original (plain) flavour.

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